Giving your loved ones the freedom they deserve.

At Prime Care Access, we deliver the support, love, and strength they need to overcome disability barriers and live an empowering life.

NDIS Support Services in Melbourne & Bayside Peninsula

How We Help Your Loved One Live a Dignified Life

Prime Care

What Makes Us Stand Out?

We Make Your First Experience Uplifting

Living with a disability and being on support for the first time can be overwhelming at times – and we get it. We are here to make your first steps into the support world as uplifting as possible. More than paperwork and procedures, we empower you to live a life filled with support and positivity. Whether it's connecting you with the right resources or just lending a listening ear, we have your back.

We Never Let You Down

Have you been let down in the past? Historical poor service levels can be frustrating, but you are in the right place now. Our compassionate and friendly staff will flip the script and make support a positive experience. Together, let's turn the page on disappointment and create a new chapter where you are not just supported but celebrated for the unique individual that you are. It's time for a fresh start, and our Nursing & disability support services in Melbourne are here to make it happen.

How to Get Started on a Fulfilling Journey

1. Initial Consultation

Good care starts with understanding your needs. We’ll first connect with you to know what’s required, what’s working, and what’s not

2. Devising a Plan

After getting an in-depth assessment of your needs, we’ll present a tailored plan describing how we’ll meet your goals..

3. Dedicated Care Begins

You’re all set to open the doors of a fulfilling life and make your loved ones smile again. We’ll start serving them with an unwavering passion that gets stronger with each interaction.

4. Confirmation from You

Leave it with us. Our team will roll out the tailored support plan, so your loved one can move into the next stage of their life with confidence and a helping hand.

Staying Safe Together: Our Commitment to Covid-19 Protocols

Your health and safety are our top priorities in the ever-changing COVID-19 landscape. To protect you and our amazing support team, we follow the latest guidance, recommendations, and requirements from the Department of Health regarding the pandemic. From the best sanitation practices to ensuring everyone is keeping a safe distance, know that we are doing everything we can to create a space that's not just supportive but also safe for everyone.

Ready to make a difference in your loved one’s life?

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